Mr. Babcock is an experienced, senior thought leader, who has not only served as a board member, family council member, trustee, investment adviser, corporate strategy and development expert, family business CEO, director of corporate planning, inventor and entrepreneur, family wealth adviser, direct private investment specialist, but also a family and corporate governance advisor and active leader, who has served as chairman of many board committees and an adjunct professor teaching MBA students boards, governance and leadership within entrepreneurial and family fimrs. His direct personal experience and forward thinking thoughtfulness from all directions brings practical senior advice and wisdom to others in the industry. Many also describe Mr. Babcock as being very innovative, principle-centered, and practical. He believes in test driving new ideas to determine intented and unintended outcomes and consequences. Over the past twenty five years, he has developed many effective original, new approaches and solutions to very complex private enterprise, private venture investment, governance, wealth management, and other related issues to achieve some challenging objectives. Mr. Babcock has spoken at many family office and wealth management conferences, next generation meetings and webinars, leading university business schools as a guest lecturer, corporate and private venture conferences, private investor conferences, corporate management and board meetings, and chaired many roundtables.

The following are the titles of some proprietary processes, thought leadership papers, public presentations and webinars Mr. Babcock has developed and shared:

A Philosophy for Assisting the Next Generation Family Banks:What are they and do you want one?
Achieving a Breakthrough Growth Strategy Family Sustainable Bank (sm)
Achieving Corporate Growth During a Recession Financing the Next Generation: Understanding Family Banks
Achieving Corporate Growth with Limited Resources Five Forces of Influence in Family Business Governance
Aligning Your Investment Objectives with Your Values Governance, Planning and Power of a Family Bank
Astute Philanthropy: Defining and Optimizing Mission, Vision and Strategy Guidelines for Investors
Beyond the Family Bank: Assisting the Next Generation Hassels and Feel Goods (sm)
Chairman of the Board Roundtable: Financial Sustainability How to Make Direct Investments in Private Companies and Ventures
Challenges Facing Wealthy Families: Assisting the Next Generation Identifying the Best Area for Corporate Growth and the Best Pathway
Creating and Maintaining an Effective Family Governance System "Inside-Outside Theory"
Dedicated Investment Matrix (sm) Navigating a Vast Landscape of Possibilities
Direct Private Investments: Achieving Much More Than an Attractive Return (sm) Mississippi Innovation Process (sm)
Dedicated Education Programs (sm) Preserving Family Legacy and Shaping it for the Future
Design Firm Initiative (sm) Proactively Searching and Identifying Breakthrough Growth Opportunities
Effectively Implementing Your Growth Strategy Putting Wealth to Good Use (sm)
Entering Green Categories Reaching the Right New Summit
Engaging the Next Generation – Direct Investments Sustainability Bank (sm)
Find the Truth Early (sm) The Next S-Curve (sm) – Achieving Real Sustainable Growth
"Five Forces of Influence" Testing Your Growth Strategy Before Implementation
Family Office, Governance and Boards: Direct Venture Investments The Power of the Family Bank