AM Private Enterprises, Inc. provides independent customized advice, education, guidance, and creative, practical solutions such as:

Optimizing the vision, mission, objective, goals, strategy, duties, roles and responsibilities
Enhancing the overall family strategy, enterprise strategy and development plans
Identifying, evaluating, selecting and engaging advisors, family business consultants, investment consultants, family offices, and wealth management firms
Assisting with new enterprises, family banks, special purpose entities, and family ventures
Assisting with evaluating options to hold, sell or expand family enterprises and owners' future plans
Enhancing board, trusteeship and committee charters, duties, responsibilities and roles
Developing more effective and efficient processes, practices, measures and accountability
Conducting customized education sessions for families, boards, trustees and next generation
Assisting with exploring options and best next steps
Providing oversight as a board and committee member

AMPE tailors each advisory service to meet the specific needs and requirements of each client. Each engagement is governed by a detailed agreement.