Warner King Babcock
Chairman and CEO

Mr. Babcock has over 30 years of high level experience as a board member, Chairman and CEO, chairman of various board committees, corporate strategy and development advisor, entrepreneur, investment advisor representative to family offices, member of a family council, President of a family business, trustee, and venture investor.

Warner King Babcock, the founder and principal owner of AMPE, led over 30 very talented, senior professionals and investment advisers during AMPI's and AMP's history to achieve some very complex client objectives and goals.

Mr. Babcock has also served as a family business director, employee, and executive, and a trustee of many family trusts holding operating businesses, a special purpose trust, and a number of investment trusts.

He also teaches MBA, MS and undergraduate business and entrepreneurship majors at the Zicklin School of Business at Baruch College in New York City specializing in boards, governance, leadership, entrepreneurship and family business management.

Earlier in his career, at the age of 28, Mr. Babcock created and led a new family business venture based on seven products from his four innovative patents and expanded manufacturing to seven plants around the U.S, and licensing manufacturing overseas. The start-up venture was "banked" by six newly created family trusts. The company merged in 1985, and Mr. Babcock shortly thereafter began actively forming, investing in and assisting new technology start-up ventures from materials to medical devices to robotics. Mr. Babcock was asked by a major international corporation to assist them with corporate development and venture investing throughout North America, and a few years later, at the request of a large single family office, Mr. Babcock was asked to assist a next generation family member with building a portfolio of private venture investments based on personal interests.

He has served as a board member of private companies, ventures, and a family enterprise with several businesses. He has also served as Chairman of an Endowment Committee, Chairman of a Governance Committee, Chairman of Nominating Committees, and a member of other committees and task forces, as well as the President of a Board of Governors. He is on the Board of Advisors of The Lawrence N. Field Center for Entrepreneurship in New York City and Board of Directors of the International Association of Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises. He has served on the Board of Trustees of The Williston Northampton School and The Chemists' Club.

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Mr. Babcock earned his MBA from Emory University and a BA in chemistry from the University of North Carolina, and completed extensive courses in biomedical and mechanical engineering at Vanderbilt University.

Mr. Babcock is member of Family Firm Institute, National Association of Corporate Directors, and a member of International Association of Attorneys for Family-Held Enterprises. He was also a long-time member of many other good organizations, such as Association for Corporate Growth, Family Office Exchange, and Institute for Private Investors.

Mr. Babcock is a Family Firm Institute Fellow and a National Association of Corporate Directors Governance Fellow. He holds certificates in Director Professionalism, Family Business Advising, Family Wealth Advising, and an Advanced Certificate in Family Wealth Advising from the Family Firm Institute.