AMPE is the successor of the merger between two long-standing, privately-held firms with specialties in investment advisory services and corporate strategy, development and implementation, AM Private Investments, Inc. (AMPI) and AMP Corporate Strategy and Development (sm) (Advanced Materials Partners, Inc.) (AMP).

Since 1994 AMPI exclusively focused on assisting family offices, wealthy families, and family enterprise owners with achieving some complex, challenging personal goals through highly customized Dedicated Investment Programs (sm). These special investment programs included developing special investment strategies, allocation of capital, education, formation of new business ventures, identification, evaluation, financial analysis, valuation, structuring, due diligence, risk assessment, investment recommendations, and other advice. Other assistance included identifying and evaluating attorneys, board members, investment bankers, recruiters, and experts.

Since 1987 AMP Corporate Strategy and Development (sm) focused on assisting family-owned and controlled, private and public companies with the development and implementation of comprehensive corporate development growth strategies using proprietary processes that resulted in expanding the base enterprises into new product lines, categories, markets, industries, and creating new lines of business for the owners or next generation. Implementation included a wide range of strategies, transactions, agreements and other growth initiatives including: acquisitions, alliances, corporate venture investments, co-development and licensing; new category, product, technology, innovation and concept development; contract research and development, contract manufacturing, marketing and distribution rights; and research on best practices. AMP's clients have been ranked number one or two in their country, industry, category, segment or brands.