AM Private Enterprises, Inc. (AMPE) is an independent advisor specializing in bringing, practical multidisciplinary knowledge, experience and real innovation to families and their enterprises to assist them in reaching beyond the ordinary to develop, implement and achieve inspiring new missions, visions and objectives for the next generation and all other stakeholders.

Throughout the process, AMPE applies its proven innovation methods and processes to develop creative, practical options, as well as assist with managing a comprehensive, rigorous process to analyze, structure, test and implement short- and long-term practical strategies and plans. AMPE also works to educate and build consensus to guide the development of the most attractive plan for each family, their enterprise and other holdings, including: Overall family plans and strategies; Enterprise growth and development strategy; Governance systems, boards and committees; Policies; New business ventures; Special new entities and structures; Oversight policies, processes and programs; Performance metrics and measures; Risk oversight; and other family, enterprise and wealth related advice and guidance. As a truly independent, trusted adviser, AMPE focuses on doing what is right for its clients, while working with a wide range of other professional advisers

Accountants, attorneys, and trustees
Family advisers, business consultants, and therapists
Boards, committees, enterprise executives, and other stakeholders
Wealth management and investment firms

AMPE is a privately owned, independent firm that does not sell products or receive payments from parties other than its clients.